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Comprehensive Community Support Services – CCSS (All TeamBuilders Locations)
A trained community support specialist conducts a needs assessment, care planning, resource identification, linking and coordination as well as skills development and functional improvement & empowerment activities. Provided to children and their families impacted by severe emotional disturbance (SED) as well as adults with serious mental illness (SMI). A Family Support Specialist works with children and the guardian or caregiver including resource parents. An Adult Wraparound Specialist works with adults and natural supports. These specialists act as lead care coordinators and assist with connecting individuals and families to basic needs like food and housing. They also help clients to develop necessary skills to access needed mental health services and social support. Childre, parents and caregivers may be referred to receive child and parenting skills training (e.g., ADLs, coping strategies, psychoed, emotional regulation, etc.) to address individualized and developmental needs. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for Adults (Bernalillo, Clayton, Los Lunas, Raton, Taos)
Psychosocial rehabilitation includes an array of pro-social life skills development activities designed to help an individual identify and capitalize on personal strengths, develop coping strategies and skills to deal with deficits, and to develop a supportive environment in which to function as independently as possible.

Assertive Community Treatment for Adults (Taos only)
A multidisciplinary mental health team organized as an accountable, mobile mental health unit or group of treaters who function interchangeably to provide the treatment, rehabilitation, and support services that persons with severe mental illnesses need to live successfully in the community.

Supportive Housing Services (Sandoval, Torrance, Taos and Valencia Counties)
Assist adults, youth, and families in obtaining and maintaining adequate housing which includes supporting their efforts to find and acquire appropriate housing and monitoring their ability to maintain order in the home and meet other requirements related to semi-independent living such as paying for rent, utilities, etc. 

Behavioral Respite Care Services for Children (Santa Fe only; Coming soon to Santa Rosa & Raton)
A small group service (max ratio of 1:4) designed to provide caregivers a break while allowing children impacted by SED to engage in prosocial activities. Behavioral respite is delivered according to the Respite Care Plan developed with the primary caregiver considering their needs for relief from caregiving responsibilities. This service may be offered after-school, evenings, weekends and during school breaks.

Behavior Management Skills Development Services for Children (Santa Fe only; Coming soon to Santa Rosa & Raton)
Behavior Management Skills Development (BMS) is a specialized behavioral health service designed to assist children and adolescents impacted by SED and at-risk of, or recently returned from out of home care. BMS is provided on a 1:1 basis and is delivered according to an individualized Behavior Management Plan that seeks to address problem behaviors in high-risk settings or situations through the use of planned interventions and skills development activities.

The “ACE” Program – Access to Care & Education for Children (Santa Fe only)
The ACE program is a collaborative project between Santa Fe County Teen Court, Santa Fe Public Schools, and TeamBuilders Behavioral Health. The ACE program serves children and young adolescents in grades 3-8 who are struggling to meet attendance and/or behavioral expectations for online, hybrid, or in-person school.  Referred students attend school at TeamBuilders’ Santa Fe facility or receive after school educational support and may receive individual and family therapies and/or other specialized services as need is identified.

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