Psychiatric & Clinical Services

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Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation Services

A comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment is a diagnostic evaluation performed by a licensed clinician including LCSW, LPCC, LMFT, LPAT, PhD or LADAC (substance abuse only). This includes diagnosis and treatment recommendations. A psychiatric evaluation is a comprehensive diagnostic assessment performed by an eligible MD/DO, APRN, Prescribing Psychologist, or Physician’s Assistant.

Psychiatric Mental Health & Medication Management

Our licensed practitioners assist with identifying and prescribing the appropriate medications for psychiatric conditions, order labs and specialty evaluation & treatment based on diagnosis and need as identified in the psychiatric evaluation. These visits are primarily conducted at our clinic location where additional screenings are conducted and vitals are taken. Certain clinics can provide additional nursing assistance with medication access and administration (i.e. injectables), labs, medication monitoring, etc. 

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a licensed clinician or masters level intern supervised by an independently licensed practitioner. Therapy is provided to individuals, families, and groups. Psychotherapy is offered in a variety of modalities including traditional “talk therapy”, experiential or interactive therapies like sandplay therapy, art therapy and play therapy for children. Art therapy is psychotherapy involving the use of self-expression through painting, drawing,  modeling, or other art making to address targeted issues.

Sandplay therapy is a depth oriented therapeutic technique using sand and symbols (archetypal miniatures, toys, naturally occurring materials and found objects) to help clients access and process complex trauma and other presenting concerns while in the presence of a trained and attuned therapist.The interactive modalities can only be provided by certified practitioners.

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