TeamBuilders’ Clinical Model

A Client-Centered, Ecological-Systems Framework

  1. We recognize that people are the experts in their own lives, and the family is the constant in a client’s life.
  2. We develop teams that embrace our clients, families, and community  stakeholders as full partners in the change process.
  3. We honor all that makes us different.
  4. We build on strengths to solve problems and preserve families.
  5. We maintain safety for all.
  6. We connect our clients to natural supports and community  resources to strengthen and sustain them.
  7. We understand and address the developmental needs of infants, children, adolescents, adults, and families.
  8. We recognize that people are shaped by their environment, and that they, in turn, change others.
  9. We advocate for policies, practices, and service delivery systems  that are responsive to the needs of our clients and families.
  10. We believe that a crisis poses an opportunity for growth and change.
  11. We view the client, family, and community as a functioning whole.
  12. We believe small changes can have a great impact.

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